Distributed Energy Resources

Across the world Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are presenting new challenges to a wide range of industries. From property developers and large industrials to distribution network operators, organizations need to plan and operate these new technologies in a way that creates the best value for their project, business or network.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is about the aggregation and control of distributed energy generation, demand and storage. This includes Generation, solar (PV), wind, fuel cell, co-gen, diesel Energy storage and efficiency Electric vehicles Demand response Load management of Micro grids.

We have Extensive experience in implementation of DMS/EMS/SCADA projects in Odisha, India, Extensive telecommunications and networking projects , Solar PV connections and system studies and controls and PV/Storage integration and PV penetration studies.

We can offer Strategic guidance on solution architecture, road maps and planning robust understanding of system operation and how this can be applied to DER Vendor management capabilities.

Broad product know-how Extensive power industry connections through standards and industry bodies and HANDS-ON SKILL DEVELOPMENT As part of our mission to help our clients power the world we recognise that investing in know-how and skills is crucial.

Power Networks

Our team of transmission and distribution system study specialists combines engineering excellence, deep domain knowledge and a thorough understanding of the mathematical tools used to study electrical networks.

Our varied and extensive experience in the modeling, analysis and planning of transmission and distribution networks make PSC the partner of choice for electricity industry participants seeking experts they can trust.

We are a leading power network design and management company. We bring renowned system study expertise and combine it with proven HV substation, asset management and transmission line experience. Blending our leading engineering thinking with practical hands on experience is a powerful combination, making us a partner of choice for many utility companies across the globe. We have developed a reputation as trusted advisors, meeting and surpassing the challenges presented by a wide variety of assignments.

FULL SERVICE PROVIDER Our people offer an intimate understanding of network studies tools, the latest software and transmission line planning. We match this with pragmatic, hands-on implementation of the full range of network services. Our ‘theory to application’ approach makes PSC a truly endto-end provider of power network services. It also means that tackling the really challenging power network projects is something we have become known for.

We apply specialist system studies capabilities that are ideally suited to these complex assignments. These include transmission planning assignments, network studies Outage Management schemes, Impact Studies on Networks for Renewable energy and new technologies.

A REPUTATION FOR EXCELLENCE: We consistently deliver excellence in design and analysis of transmission line networks, primary and secondary HV substation and transmission line design capability and LiDar capability. We also bring crucial expertise in key power network related fields, including control systems, telecommunications, IT networks, market systems, civil and structural fields .

RAPID DEPLOYMENT On any power network assignment, anywhere in the world, our teams collaborate as centres of excellence for systems studies and transmission lines. Our Power Networks services Unique system study expertise is a combination of leading thinkers with practical hands on experts.

They are on the ground specialists with a shared passion and commitment to helping our clients to power the world. PROVEN REPUTATION we have a global reputation for excellence. A cornerstone of this reputation is an unshakable commitment to excellent client outcomes and value driven client relationships.

Market Systems

With the advent of distributed energy and distribution level markets, electricity market operators and participants find themselves at a new frontier. Using state of the art solvers and working with cloud technology suppliers, we are bringing a new realm of capabilities to our clients.

Market systems form a crucial cornerstone in energy marketplaces. When it comes to developing and effectively supporting these systems you need a trusted and established provider who is in this business for the long run. We have a proven reputation for excellence as an independent, leading market system and applications service provider. Our internationally experienced team has broad energy market systems skills and a wide knowledge base. We blend software and engineering reviews, testing, development, application and support to deliver solutions optimised to our client requirements.

FROM PLANNING TO SUPPORT On any energy market system project, anywhere in the world, we can lead the early stages of project development, feasibility, costing, specification, engineering and design, software development, application, testing, commissioning through to operations and maintenance support and advice. PSC is the complete full service provider of energy market system services, providing recent and relevant software and engineering knowledge and expertise, coupled with pragmatic, hands-on implementation.

VENDOR NEUTRAL EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS: We offer broad, vendor neutral, objective software and technical engineering expertise. Our team brings practical, hands on international experience in supporting, enhancing and upgrading custom and commercial energy market systems. We also offer expertise in key energy market system related fields, including control systems, telecommunications and IT networks.

AGILE APPROACH: We offer an extensive global network of locally-based, yet highly mobile consultants. On the ground, our people work side by side with our clients, tailoring their skills to support, enhance and upgrade our client’s systems and applications to meet their particular requirements. Our Market Systems service offers clients the following capabilities: Markets Systems Projects and Support Market Design.

  • experience in market inception and evolutionary design Strategic planning, business requirements analysis and specification development .
  • Technology refresh, roadmaps and project management.
  • Support of applications and databases Support of custom Oracle, Java and Microsoft-based applications.
  • Market Clearing Engine (MCE) support covering all aspects of scheduling, pricing and dispatch Testing, review and auditing of market systems.
  • Training in electricity market systems concepts, practices and operation.
  • Software Development and Process Improvements Development of applications for Wholesale Electricity Market systems.
  • Custom software development and enhancement MCE (SPD) applications – custom and commercial, co-optimisation Simulation, training and analysis tools, practices and operation Real Time and Stand Alone Dispatch (Backup Dispatch).
  • Web applications including interfacing and graphics Systems Integration with EMS, SCADA and Market Systems Specific Energy Applications.
  • Trading Systems (Wholesale Energy, Gas Trading Systems).
  • Network Access Request Systems
  • Outage Management Systems.
  • Transmission Auction Systems Billing and Settlement Systems.

Operational Technology

Utilities are faced with the challenge of adapting to rapid changes in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power, while preserving the highest levels of reliability.

We help utilities improve grid operations by advancing and supporting the use of network monitoring and control technologies, and we offer insight and expertise to lead utilities through transformation – so you can look ahead with confidence.

Whether it is SCADA/EMS/DMS, substation or generation automation, telecommunications or IT and security issues, increasingly utilities and other major organisations across the globe are turning to the market leader for independent advice and support.

Energy Billing:

We have tailor made and cloud based mobile Energy Biling Solutions both for Transmission and Distribution companies which can be easily deployed in the client’s premises.

Our team of experts provide the operation. Update is not allowed to download due to service regulation. ok of locally-based, yet highly mobile specialist consultants. Our people are globally connected and work seamlessly with our clients in a collaborative, accessible and professional manner. We also bring powerful knowledge transference through our expertise in key operational technology related fields, including control and market system.

LTE MPLS DMZ IT Networking and Security Data network strategy and asset management Strategic planning and technical reviews Infrastructure architecture and design Secure network and server design Virtualisation and storage design Security reviews and network audits Incident forensic analysis IP data network, telephony and VoIP support Cyber Security.

  • This application isan end- to- end solution. It spans the entire revenue cycle, right from energy billing till collection, analysis and monitoring.
  • Bills are generated on the spot. Meter reading is entered in the mobile phone. While the bill is processed in the software resident in the mobile phone.
  • it is printed through a Bluetooth thermal/Impact printer that is coupled to the mobile phone. Billed data is transmitted instantaneously to the remote server.
Business Process Management

High quality processes require a penetrating view of business operations to drive continuous improvement. We work with customers to optimize productivity, improve performance and reduce time-to-market. Our end-to-end business process management services span across process discovery, documentation, integration and automation to accelerate product development and encourage innovation.

  • SOA and integration services: We help our clients define and deploy Service Oriented Architecture strategy, governance and operating model .
  • BPM services (consulting and enablement): We help migrate legacy applications and platforms to BPM-based smart applications and SOA-based integration platforms .
  • Business Rules Management System services (consulting and implementation): We implement policy-based controls and processes to reduce risks and meet compliance demands .
  • Process analytics and Complex Event Processing: We build real-time visibility capabilities into management systems to predict better and take pre-emptive action .
  • Cloud integration: We architect and implement Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds

IT Operations

Every company seems to be sprinting toward DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION to grow its business. Yet digital strategies alone can only get you so far if your processes and systems are not yet streamlined, cost-effective and primed to support grow-the-business initiatives. Where can you find funding to invest in this journey? And how can you become digital when the majority of IT dollars are poured into traditional run-the-business systems that are inefficient and expensive to maintain?

There is only one way forward. You need to optimize the run-the-business side of IT to gain cost savings and efficiencies that will allow you to self-fund growth initiatives and innovation. And you must become more agile to keep pace with rapid changes in the digital world. To achieve these goals, you need an experienced IT services provider with credentials in all aspects of IT Operations that will guide your transformational journey. By understanding the areas that will accelerate your journey, and with it your profitability, you can create an IT Operations initiative to save money on running your business, which frees you up growth.

Test Engineering

In a connected world, where competitive advantage hangs on the end-user experience rather than on individual applications, traditional testing models lack relevance. Today’s Testing services need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

A focus on the customer’s experience requires a re-evaluation of the entire testing approach and a change from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in one. To meet the demand for application agility, quality assurance (QA) testing organizations need to adopt Agile testing, increased test automation and continuous testing. They also need to reposition QA testing from a quality gateway to ensuring a better user experience!

CHIVARO is a preferred independent Testing Services provider for many companies. We think beyond functional testing by mapping testing requirements to the business needs of our customers. Our scalable and modularized Agile testing platform deployed on-premise or in the cloud, transforms testing journeys. We use numerous accelerators to design Agile test strategies that meet our customers’ needs for Digital testing, Mobility testing, Cloud testing, Data testing, Security testing, ERP implementation testing, Performance testing and Automation testing services.